Increase traffic to your establishment…

Ann Arbor’s Best Businesses Directory delivers results for your business weather it is brick-and-mortar or online. By regularly connecting with customers, you can achieve your marketing goals while reinforcing your brand message. Ann Arbor’s Best Businesses Directory is also the best platform for acquiring new customers. Because your listing will be seen on our website AND FaceBook, you will be able to target micro-segments of the more than six billion people on FaceBook’s platform and know that you are reaching your ideal audience.


Run Special Promotions

Use TIMER COUPONS to encourage people to come into your store to redeem a special discount you create on your Listing and Facebook Page. No waiting for snail mail or even email. This is instant as your customers are on Facebook waiting to receive great offers.


Share News

Post fresh content in your listing’s status feed about new products, seasonal items, daily specials or in-store events. Promote your most popular posts to increase their reach.


Help People find Your Store

Add your address to your Listing so that people can check in when they want to visit. Your address along with a map and directions will lead them straight to your door. Don’t worry, if they get lost, you are only a one-click phone call away with our ‘Quick Call’ feature.



Acquire New Customers

Drive prospects to your site by targeting your ads. You can reach people on Ann Arbor’s Best Businesses Directory by creating a custom offer. Ads can appear on our Home Page, in the status update, Top and Bottom Promo Banners, on the left side of your Local Business Directory listings.


Grow Sales on Desktop or Mobile

Merchandise your products in news feed and left-hand and bottom side ads, linking directly to the product pages on retail websites.


Build loyalty

Connect with the most active fans. Publish to them every day with engaging content to increase retention and word-of-mouth marketing.